Since our inception, GME Specialist
has been totally focused on matching the best qualified students with the best observership and externship opportunities available. 



Q: What is a GME Specialist?


A: GME stands for Graduate Medical Education. We specialize in this field in terms of matching qualified students and post graduate students with opportunities to train with respected physicians in their respective fields of medical practice.



Q: What is the monthly fees or cost for signing up for an observership or externship?



A: The total fee is $1475 for 4-6 weeks for attending an observership or externship rotation. This is used to cover overhead expenses in regards to administration of the program at the hospital/facility.



Q: How are your programs priced so affordably?



A: We believe it is a fundamental right for medical students to have the proper training they need to become the best doctors they can be both here in America or abroad. We have teamed with physicians and hospitals who seek to teach and create better doctors, rather than personally profit from these eager students.



Q: Are there any other fees associated with signing up for this program?



A: There are absolutely no other fees involved.




Q: Do I need malpractice insurance?



A: Certain hospitals require malpractice insurance, but the majority of our partner hospitals do not require an observer to carry malpractice insurance.





Q: How do I apply?



A: You must first fill out the online application with pertinent biographical details and area of medical interest. 


Application process steps:


1. Fill out online application

2. A staff member at GME Specialist will contact you for further information about your observership/externship request.

3. GME Specialist will send you a more specific hospital application based on the area and speciality you are applying for.

4. The applicant sends a copy of his/her CV/Resume, photo ID, vaccination records.

5. GME Specialist sends your information to the hospital for approval.

6. Once approved, the applicant pays a set 475 USD seat fee.

7. GME Specialist issues a acceptance letter and embassy letter if needed for a visa.

8. Student makes travel and housing plans in the location of the hospital.

9. Student begins rotation and pays the rest of fees due on the first day of rotation.

10. Student completes rotation and receives feedback and LOR.



Since demand for our programs are fairly intense, we evaluate a complete application of the student.

Please allow for at least one week for a response. If still no response, please contact us at:  info@gmespecialist.com 




Q: Once I apply, how soon will I know whether I have been accepted into a program?



A: Applications are reviewed on a rolling weekly basis. Depending on the availability of a select rotation and when you are available to start- a tentative initial schedule will be made to the student if your application is accepted and meets our standards. Generally we accept about 40% of applicants into our program.




Q: Who are the physicians I will be working with?

A: All the physicians are board certified in their respective fields and hold considerable name and respect in their medical community. Many of them are leaders and pioneers in the field that they practice. Furthermore they have a deep passion for teaching and imparting their wisdom to all students. We have physicians who are former residency Program Directors of major academic institutions as well, so they can provide invaluable advice and guidance in regards to the US residency system.



Q: What percent of my rotation will be in the hospital? Clinic?


A: It depends on your rotation. Surgery and Internal Medicine is primary in the hospital and surgical wards, ICU and critical care wards. Other fields like Family Practice willl be more clinic based. Psychiatry is a mix between inpatient and outpatient.



Q: What specialities are available at this time I can apply for?

A: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine,  Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology



Q: What vaccination records do I need?


A: Hep B, MMR, Varicella, Tdap, Flu Vaccine (during winter months only)



Q: What documentation do I need to provide?



A: valid US ID or passport from your country of origin, CV/resume. A brief summary of your educational goals and interests. Immunization records.




Q: Do these externships provide hands on experience like electives?



A: Yes, these externships provide full hands on experience from taking histories, doing physicals, presenting patients, using EMR, analyzing XRAY/MRI to operating imagery diagnostics. The involvement in each of these specific tasks varies from site to site, but these are some of the tasks the students handle on a daily basis.




Q: Do I receive a Letter of Recommendation at the end of the rotation?


A: An LOR is dependent on the quality of work and commitment you show during your rotation. Most of our students end up receiving an LOR due to their outstanding work ethic, but it is must be earned. Being on time, appearing professional in dress and manner, enthusiasm for learning and ability to work in a team environment are elements considered by the preceptor when he/she makes a decision in writing your LOR.


Many times a student is able to obtain more than one LOR during a rotation since you will work with teams of physicians on the general hospital floor.



Q: Why should I choose GME Specialist over another observership company?


A: There is no reason to pay 3000-4000 USD for a rotation. The other companies primary motive is profit making and they seek to exploit eager medical students who desperately need US Clinical Experience and LOR's. We have teamed with physicians and hospitals who are excited to help train foreign medical doctors and bring them into the US medical system. The basic costs we charge the student is basically just an administration cost of filing an application as required by the hospital. There is absolutely no other charge or hidden fee. 



Q: How soon can I start a rotation from the time I submit an application?


A: Fortunately, since our turnaround time is very fast and fast tracked with the hospital administration, you shall be able to start a rotation within 2 weeks of submitting an application assuming your documents (Cv/Resume, vaccination records, photo ID) is updated and current.




Q: Where are these rotations located?


A: Most of the hospitals students are placed in are in Texas and Georgia.




Q: I have a question not answered here.


A: Please contact us at: info@gmespecialist.com

Our goal is 100% student/doctor satisfaction and we aim to reply to all emails within 48 hours.