Chand S., MD


Family Medicine Observership

Abdel K, MD


Internal Medicine Observership

Pandit D, MD


Sports Medicine Externship

I'm so thankful for this opportunity. I gained much valuable experience working with Dr. L in her practice. I was able to add this to my resume and had a succesful match this past year.

The program was great! I didn't have any USCE and the LOR was really useful since I didn't have many connections before arriving here in the USA.

Thank you sirs! I wouldn't have been able to do this rotation without your help. Everyone charges so much money for these rotations so I am grateful for your service.

Faisal M, MD


Internal Medicine Externship

Julie N, MD


Orthopedic Surgery Externship

Kamran S, MD


Family Medicine Externship

The LOR at the end was amazing. I had to work hard for it but I think this will help me with my residency applications for next year.

I looked for about one and a half years for an opening in any sort of surgery or orthopedic surgery externship before I found your service. So thankful that I did. Dr A wrote me a 2 page LOR at the end of the 8 weeks! Can you believe that!

The experience was very hands on with Dr. M. I was put in right away to take history and do physicals. At first I was nervous around these new patients but quickly I learned the proper approach by watching Dr. L interact with his patients

We appreciate getting feedback and hearing success stories from our students and former students.  This part makes what we do worth it.